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In 2020, Resolve to Get the Facts about GMOs and Modern Agriculture

GMO Answers
GMO Answers
January 9, 2020

As we get further and further away from January 1st, those well-intentioned New Year's Resolutions get further and further in the rearview mirror.  Did you make a resolution? Maybe to lose weight? Maybe to eat better? Maybe to have a better work/life balance? Maybe to stop getting into arguments with family and friends with politics? 

Here's a question: how many people have already broken their resolutions? A lot? 

Here's one resolution that is easy to keep, and one that you can actively work on throughout the year: Resolve to get the facts about GMOs and modern agriculture. 

There's so much information about GMOs on the Internet and in the media that it's hard to know what's true and what's fake news. 

 So here are some great resolutions that you can keep:

Most of all, resolve to check sources, look for verifiable information, and not contribute to the spread of misinformation in 2020. That's one resolution that we can all agree on!

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