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20th Anniversary of the BIO International Convention

November 15, 2012
Next year BIO will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BIO International Convention April 22-25 in Chicago. From a small beginning, our convention has grown into the most influential biotech meeting in the world, attracting more than 16,500 attendees from 65 countries and providing a wide array of education, exhibits and networking opportunities — including more than 25,000 partnering meetings expected during the 4-day event.

As we look forward to the upcoming Convention, I cannot help but reflect on how far the industry has come in the 20 years since that first event. Today, there are more than 200 biologic medicines and vaccines, including treatments for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, and numerous rare conditions. A record 16.7 million farmers in 29 countries are growing biotech crops, helping to feed a hungry world. Renewable fuels and renewable chemicals are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and helping grow a sustainable bio-based economy.

When you consider the impact these technologies have had, it’s astonishing to consider how most innovation begins. It begins with making a connection – in data, between people and among companies.

That’s why the BIO International Convention was launched in 1993 — to be a forum where people and companies can connect. A place where science meets business so that innovation can prosper. Since that first meeting, we’ve brought together hundreds of thousands of people, who have struck thousands of deals, leading to biotech advances benefitting millions of people. Every day, biotech is helping heal, fuel and feed the world.

And it all starts with just a small connection.

I look forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the BIO International Convention. I’m excited about the biotech breakthroughs the next 20 years will bring. And I invite you to attend BIO and make the valuable connections that will drive the future of biotech.