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4 Keys for Partnering Success

December 5, 2011
Thinking of hosting partnering meetings at your BIO Exhibition booth in 2012? Abbott has been there, done that and learned what it takes to succeed and secure high-quality leads.

“The greatest value of hosting partnering meetings within our booth is that it allows us to drive traffic, activity and interest within our own space,” said Michelle Calhoun, Abbott's contract manufacturing marketing director.

Abbott hosted nearly 60 meetings within our booth during three days of partnering at this year’s BIO International Convention, which represented a sizable increase from 2010.

“The Convention is unique compared to other shows, BIO does a great job of bringing different people together and the resulting partnering activity effectively contributes to our ROI for the event,” said Calhoun.

What does she recommend?

  1. Take advantage of the partnering tool to navigate to the strongest prospects and make the best use of everyone’s time.

  2. Optimize space by hosting meetings both at your company booth and in the partnering forum space to draw traffic and generate business connections.

  3. Assign a triage group to greet meeting participants, connect them with appropriate contacts, and escort them to their meetings. This is especially helpful for ad-hoc meetings as someone should always be aware of who is available for impromptu meetings so that they can happen quickly and easily within the booth.

  4. Consider the booth’s design for informal partnering meetings. Avoid closing off space to enable others to see the activity happening within the booth.  Highly-sensitive meetings can be scheduled in an alternate closed door meeting room location.

Learn more about partnering and exhibiting at the 2012 BIO International Convention.