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4 Things Millennials Should Know (and Love!) About Food and Farming

January 22, 2018
One of the things that we at GMO Answers emphasize is finding common ground. In this time of polarization, with all the fractious discussions online and in the news, we sometimes forget that we actually have more in common with each other than some may think. Whether it's politics, religion, money, or yes, even the weather, it can seem like there's nothing we can agree upon.

But when you look what we care about, and what we value, deep down, we're not so different after all. Take the case of GMOs. People on both sides of the issue really just want the same things: safe, affordable, healthy food that is good for farmers and for the environment. It's really that simple.

In a new Medium post for GMO Answers, millennial Laura Rutherford explains just how much millennials, known for their love of food, and farmers, also known for their love of food, have in common.
We both want the same things - healthy, real food that is the highest quality possible for ourselves and our families. We both want to not only preserve, but improve our environment with safe and sustainable farming practices that will ensure a safe food supply for generations to come. Both farmers and millennials love the environment and understand the value of the land. It is in farmers’ best interest to be good stewards of the land because they often pass it down generation after generation, and often live on the land where they farm.

To read the rest of Laura's blog post, please visit the GMO Answers Medium page. And visit the GMO Answers website if you have further questions about GMOs.