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5 Tips for a BIO 2016 Session Proposal: Help us Imagine the Future

October 6, 2015
As you hopefully know we have an open call for session ideas and proposals for BIO 2016, and it closes next week, Thursday, October 15. Every year, the education team here at BIO receives numerous inquiries from prospective submitters on what they can do to solidify their spot on the BIO International Convention program.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer – not even seeking advice from a psychic will guarantee your place. BIO receives hundreds of proposals from the brightest experts shaping our industry during the Call for Sessions.  Although there is no specific formula to creating the perfect proposal, BIO’s Program Committee tends to favor proposals that have five major characteristics:

  1. Relevance: What can you teach the audience that is so timely and relevant that they can’t afford to miss? Will this topic still be relevant in June 2016?

  2. Write from the heart: You are passionate about your work and we want to know why.

  3. Focus on your key takeaways: Attendees want to know that their hour will be well spent. Tell them what new information or tactics they will walk away with.

  4. Diverse speakers: Attendees are seeking advice from a diverse set of speakers. Proposals that have speakers with opposing views are always graded highly.

  5. Qualifications: Can this proposal be executed sufficiently by the speakers proposed? Think through the objectives you are trying to convey and make sure the appropriate speakers will be able to implement that message.

Are you ready to share your story? Solidify your spot on BIO’s biggest stage by submitting a proposal today. We have all the steps organized for you at