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8 Biggest Debates in American Food Policy

May 11, 2016
It turns out that figuring out how we should grow, sell, and tax our food is one of the most heated debates in America. 

In partnership with Pace University, Grist recently published a great piece summarizing the eight biggest debates in American food policy. While we provide some highlights below, we encourage you to read the article in its entirety"

1. Soda taxes
"Obesity is one of the biggest health epidemics America faces today...The idea behind soda taxes is to make sugary drinks slightly harder to get ahold of, simply by making them more expensive."

2. Food stamps
"...Tussles over food stamp programs include everything from who really needs government assistance, to what sorts of foods that assistance should give them access to..."

3. GMO labeling
"The push to label food made with genetically modified ingredients has been popular in activist circles for several years, but now the conversation is increasingly moving into courts and legislatures.

"While knowing what you eat is generally a good idea (no one wants to stir sugar into their coffee only to realize that it was actually salt), some argue that GMO labeling isn’t an effective way to change the food system, or even that it could cause unnecessary panic."

4. Antibiotics
"The main problem is that rampant antibiotic use on our livestock creates more antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which means the stuff might not work when we need it ourselves."

5. Nutrition
"There is no shortage of opinions on the best way to feed ourselves, but in fact, a lot of nutritional science is pretty tentative. "

6. School lunches
"The only food discussion that tends to get more heated than the best thing to put into our own mouths? What to feed our children."

7. Pollinators
"Honeybee numbers are increasing now, but they are still overworked, overstressed, and more vulnerable than their ancestors — and their disappearance would have big ramifications for our food system as a whole.." 

8. Agricultural systems
"From advertising to farm subsidies, there’s a lot about our agricultural system to beef about."