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Academics Imagine a Better World: Find the Right Partner at the BIO

February 23, 2016
Academic and research institutions from around the world are coming to the BIO International Convention in San Francisco to find partners to advance their discoveries from the bench to the bedside.  Representing more than 10% (more than 1,000) of the attendees, academic participants reflect the entire biotech collaboration interface including university researchers, entrepreneurs, licensing officers, and research collaboration and economic development staff.  The BIO International Convention presents a unique opportunity to meet with the entire biotech value chain and, in particular, reach those small and medium biotech companies, investors, and other partners from around the world needed to change the world._UPA4260_420 The most effective tool academic and research institutions have at the BIO International Convention is BIO’s One-on-One Partnering.  Academic participants who purchase access use our software to identify relevant potential partners, request meetings, and then let BIO figure out the when and where.  Beyond clean and convenient, academic institutions succeed in meeting their event goals averaging 16 scheduled meetings and many more after meetings after the event.  In fact, institutions that work to fully utilize the software capabilities achieve tremendous success as our top five academic partnering institutions (3 of which were international) averaged 68 scheduled partnering meetings.  Beyond partnering meetings, you may also want to consider the Translational Research Forum and other programming, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, and the BIO Career Fair. Don’t forget to save!

  1. As an academic or research institution you qualify for our ‘BIO member’ 20% discount (up to $600 on Convention Access and Partnering).

  2. Register before the Early Bird Deadline and save and additional $200.

  3. Book your hotel now!

  4. Join us for a webinar on April 12 to learn more about the new and improved BIO One-on-One Partnering™ system.

See you in San Francisco.