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Adoptions of Genetically Engineered Corn, Soybeans, and Cotton by Farmers Are Up

July 2, 2010
Yesterday the USDA released a report stating that the adoptions of genetically engineered corn, soybeans, and cotton by farmers are up from this time last year. This just goes to show that when a farmer experiences the advantages that occur with GE seeds, they’ll use them again. The most commonly adopted traits so far are herbicide-tolerance and insect-resistance.

The 14 million farmers worldwide using GE crops are mostly adopting them because of the economic advantages they provide. Not only is the yield per acre increased, but less time and money have to go into tilling, applying insecticides, watering, and weeding. All of these benefits don’t just equal cost savings for the farmer, they also equal a healthier, more environmentally-friendly product for the consumer.

The next generation of biotech crops, engineered for traits like drought-resistance, flood-tolerance, and increased efficiency in absorbing nutrients, promise to continue in this direction. Farmers increase their profits, lower their environmental footprint, and can feed more people. And that makes a better world for everybody.