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American Farm Bureau Federation: Price Tag on July 4th Picnic Holds Steady

July 1, 2016
"Americans will be paying a bit more for their Fourth of July barbecues this year, but the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) says the tab can still come in at less than $6 a person," AgriPulse reported in its June 29th newsletter.

A total of 79 Farm Bureau members (volunteer shoppers) in 26 states checked retail prices for summer cookout foods at their local grocery stores for this informal survey. AgriPulse reported the results:
"Meat prices are helping to keep costs in check as cattle and hog production increase. Ground round is down 3.3 percent, hot dogs are 4.6 percent lower and pork spare ribs are down 0.6 percent.

"On the other hand, watermelon prices are up 6.7 percent, hamburger buns jumped 6 percent and a jar of mustard is almost 9 percent more expensive."

AFBF noted in in its survey roll out that these numbers track closely with the government’s Consumer Price Index....but as retail grocery prices have increased gradually over time, the share of the average food dollar that farmers and ranchers receive has dropped sharply.
"The summer cookout survey is part of the Farm Bureau marketbasket series, which also includes the popular annual Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Survey and two additional surveys of common food staples Americans use to prepare meals at home."

For more information on the survey and how the prices have changed on all 14 products surveyed by AFBF, visit here.