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American Perceptions of GMOs: Myths Vs. Facts

September 19, 2018
It's a question we at GMO Answers are constantly asked: "What do people think about GMOs?"

And the answer is, "Well, it depends on what you ask, how you ask it, and what's in the news that day."

Ultimately, there's a lot of misconceptions about GMOs out there that negatively impacts people's perceptions of GMOs. We've found that when we actually have good, productive, one-on-one conversations with people about this issue, finding common ground, finding shared values, people support the technology. We use trusted voices like farmers who talk about how and why they grow GMOs. We utilize registered dietitians to reassure people that GMOs are safe and nutritious to eat.

Of course, not every interaction can be in person, one-on-one.  Much of the conversation about GMOs takes place online, and as we all know, online, either on social media or websites, can be a very polarizing and dark place. And you never know who's going to be talking about this issue. Case in point, recently, insurance company netQuote commissioned a survey of more than 1,021 Americans for their views on GMOs. And the results were.....interesting.  The website BigThink wrote an article about the survey, and it shows yet again that there is a lot of misinformation out there. But there's also a great opportunity to educate.

GMO Answers has written a blog post on our Medium page in response to the BigThink article and the survey results. In it, we note that many Americans are still very confused about GMOs and we attempt to set things straight.
The survey found that while 89% of participants knew what GMOs were, topics like their safety were less widely understood. Yet, Big Think’s analysis failed to clear up these misunderstandings, only adding to the confusion about this innovative technology. Here, we debunk the top three GMO misconceptions perpetuated in this article.

Most of us form opinions on things based on what we’ve read or heard, but with topics like GMOs that are prone to misinformation, it is critical to go one step further and distinguish the myths from the facts. Big Think got one thing right in their article: “The best we can do is keep reading up on GMOs and try to sort out the science from the fiction.” Please check out the blog post and see how we correct the record on some of these misconceptions.