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Animal Agriculture: An Industry Striving for Perfection and Committed to Continuous Improvement

September 8, 2016
I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to my work, so it’s no surprise I found my passion in an industry that also strives for perfection. Animal agriculture never stops reaching for the highest quality of animal care, environmental stewardship and food safety possible.

The industry strives for perfection, but also knows that perfection is hard to come by in agriculture because farmers, ranchers, veterinarians and all those involved in the farm-to-fork process are committed to continuous improvement. As new research and technology become available, the industry seeks ways to innovate and make things better than yesterday.

Innovation leads to advancements in many areas, one of them being animal care – something that will always be at the top of the industry’s priority list. Improved nutrition, veterinary care and living conditions are just a few examples of how animal care benefits from science and innovation.

Helping farmers and ranchers tell this story has become a passion of mine because it is a never-ending story. The story will never plateau because the industry’s dedication to feed a growing population safely, efficiently and to prioritize the highest standards of animal care is the strongest it’s ever been. Farmers, ranchers, scientists and industry professionals understand the importance of innovation to not only advance animal health, but human health.

An upcoming opportunity that will discuss the “One Health” approach is the Animal Biotech Summit, hosted by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, set for Sept. 21-23, 2016. Speakers will discuss ways the industry can improve and set the bar higher in regards to animal and human health, sustainability, food security and more.

People accept innovation in every other aspect of their lives, yet have a hesitation accepting new technology and techniques in food production. I work to bridge the communication gap between farm and fork every day and hope more people will realize agriculture is a science and innovation is a key element to its success. As I impatiently wait for the day farmers and the technology they use is praised by people across the globe, I know we are taking steps in the right direction to reach this praise.

Taking every opportunity to learn more about the challenges we face and how to solve them is one step. Whether you are an industry professional in the beef, pork, poultry or egg industry, if you have an interest in the future of animal agriculture you should have a seat at this conference.

For more information on the Animal Agriculture Alliance, please click here.