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Approval for AIDS Vaccine at Canadian University

December 22, 2011
The Food and Drug Administration has given Canadian researchers approval to test a vaccine for HIV/AIDS on humans. Researchers from the University of Western Ontario are hopeful that with further tests, a vaccine could be on the market in about five years. Similar to the approaches used to develop vaccines for polio, influenza, rabies and hepatitis A, the vaccine is the first based on a genetically modified, killed whole virus and is the only HIV vaccine currently under development in Canada, and one of the only few in the world.

Beginning next month, a clinical trial on 40 HIV-positive volunteers will begin.  Following the trials, tests will begin on 6,600 HIV-negative but high-risk category volunteers. These tests will focus on immune responses and effectiveness of the vaccine in two more phases.

To read more about the University of Western Ontario’s AIDS vaccine, please follow this link.