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Bee Care Team is Buzzing in North Carolina

November 27, 2013
Too many people don’t know enough about agriculture and food production. But even fewer know about the important role that bees play in maintaining healthy farming systems.

BeeBees are necessary for plant pollination. Yet many colonies are disappearing due to increasing disease and environmental threats, including a syndrome called Colony Collapse Disorder.

“Healthy pollinators are incredibly important in creating and maintaining a healthy, nutritious and sustainable food supply,” says Dick Rogers, apiologist/entomologist with Bayer CropScience. Rogers is manager of Bayer’s North American Bee Care Center.

Bayer recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the new 1,200-square-foot bee-care center on its 278-acre Clayton Training and Development Center campus in Johnston County North Carolina.

The office, wintering cold room, extraction area, bee hive maintenance area and storage areas are part of Bayer’s global push to find ways to stop honey bees from dwindling across fields and orchards.

The new site will promote bee health throughout North America. Its previously built twin at Bayer’s campus in Monheim, Germany, is targeting sustainable solutions to improve honey-bee health in Europe and elsewhere.

Readers can stay updated on efforts to promote bee health on Bayer's Bee Care Center Facebook page.