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Been Here Before? How to Import an Old Profile

May 6, 2011
For many attendees at the International Convention, the event this year will not be their first trip to the BIO Business Forum.  But even for those who are completely new to the Partnering system, we wanted to give a brief overview of how easy it is to use a profile from a past BIO event.

So let's say you went to BIO CEO, or even the BIO Business Forum last year, and you don't want to enter the same information all over again.  Perhaps there's just one or two important updates - a drug is no longer a 'candidate' and is now fully approved.  Of course you'll want to make that change!  You can do this easily - without having to enter your mailing address or your company's Board of Directors again.

Here's how:

Log in to the BIO One-on-One Partnering System with the credentials that were emailed to you. The most important point to keep in mind: Importing a Profile must be done the first time ANYONE from your company logs in.

So, being the very, very first person to log in, you'll see that all buttons are grayed out except for "Profiles" button.  Click there.


Here's an example of what you'll see next.  The "Old Profiles" section is featured toward the bottom of the screen.  For this company, there are two to choose from.  Please note: if you'd like to Import one of these profiles, you'll have to do so before moving on from this screen.



If you  have a past profile to choose, the list will automatically populate in this "Old Profiles" section.  You can Preview them before you actually Import them, so we suggest looking at each before actually selecting the Import option.  The preview screen will open up into a new window of your browser, too.

Then, when you're ready, click the Import button on the profile you'd like.  (Where the big red arrow is pointing above.)

You can also review the information after the import is complete as well, and nothing is officially published until you actually get to Step 10 and manually set that option.  So just because you Import, doesn't mean you Publish.  And, just like a profile that's created from scratch, your imported profile can be edited at any time by returning to this section of the partnering system.  Changes are automatic on the online version of your profile, however, the CD-ROM versions have specific deadlines. The one this year is May 16th!

Have you completed your profile yet?