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A beginner’s guide to mastering your 1x1 schedule

March 3, 2010
What to do when you’re a small biotech pony-ing up the big bucks to land your Phase II product on the radar of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies? How to remain relevant and not get lost in the mix? A 2009 article by Nature Biotech entitled “Prepare to meet your partner” emphasizes the growing importance of partnering in today’s BD environment. Here are some crash course tips for you to maximize your partnering experience when using the BIO 1x1 system.

1) Publish you profile as early as possible – get in the system early. Contrary to the real estate market, here days on the market translates into more profile views and more meeting requests.

2) Try to keep your schedule as “free” as possible – One sure fire way to maximize your meeting potential is to open up your schedule. Some of the highest quality meetings are done on the last day of the conference at 3 pm, or during lunch while the keynote is going on.

3) Send a personalized meeting request – no one likes to get “spam” in their personal email addresses, so why spam a potential business lead. It is amazing how easily it is to notice a pre-fabricated message that has been sent to 200 companies.

4) Learn how to search effectively – Time to let you in on a little tip. Your keywords in your profile matter. In fact, they matter a lot. These are the tag words you can use to associate your company with a given search criteria. Add as many relevant terms as you can, and consider the audience who you are catering too.

5) Schedule my meetings – One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from attendees is: “When will my agreed meetings appear on my schedule?” This video will offer you an insider’s perspective into the technology on the backend of the system.