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A Better Way To Ship Temperature-Sensitive Materials

March 5, 2014
With the business needs of the life science industry in mind, FedEx® has expanded its shipping service portfolio to include Deep Frozen Shipping Solution. Participants of BIO Business Solutions® can now access a discounted, non-hazardous, liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology with end-to-end shipment monitoring. This safe and cost-effective option for the shipment of expensive, temperature-sensitive biogenetics and biomaterials, has a 10-day holding time (below -150oC) that allows samples and substances to be mailed globally without having to worry about sublimation or re-icing procedures that is standard with dry ice shipments.

Better Than Dry Ice and Gel Packs

Many companies face challenges when shipping with dry ice or gel freezer packs. In addition to figuring out where to purchase the insulated boxes and determining how to manage them, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) is a hazardous material that is subjected to regulations and labeling requirements for air travel. On the other hand, gel packs tend to dampen as they thaw, although their main advantage over dry ice is that there are no limits to the amount that can be shipped by air. In either scenario, the effectiveness of dry ice and gel packs vary, with three days considered the maximum time a product can be stored.

How the FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution Works

It’s easy to ship your materials using the FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution:

  1. Place your order online through a customized, secure FedEx portal

  2. FedEx delivers the dry shipping container (a cryogenic dewar), pre-charged, to your pickup point

  3. Load your materials into the container and apply the shipping label provided

  4. FedEx picks up the shipment and delivers it to the recipient

  5. The recipient unpacks the materials and prepares return shipment of the empty container using the label provided

  6. FedEx picks up the empty container and returns it to a recharging station.

That’s it!

Discounts Available for BIO Members & State/Regional Affiliates

In order to qualify for discounted pricing through BIO Business Solutions® your company must be a member of either BIO or an endorsing state/regional affiliate.

Member Benefits

There is a discounted flat fee of $435 for domestic or $750 for international shipment.


To learn more about as FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution and to determine whether or not your company is entitled to receive savings, click here.

Happy Shipping!