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Big #BIO2014 News from San Diego

May 15, 2014
Yesterday, BIO held a press conference at Janssen Labs in San Diego to share some exciting news about the 2014 BIO International Convention. First and foremost, BIO’s Scott Whittaker announced that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver the Wednesday Keynote Address. Full details are available here.

Scott was joined by Diego Miralles, Global Head, Innovation, for Janssen Pharmaceuticals as well as BIOCOM President Joe Panetta. Francis Barraza was present on behalf of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who issued a proclamation declaring the week of June 23, 2014 “BIO International Convention Week” in the City of San Diego.

Chris Jennewein with the Times of San Diego was present and has posted a great recap of the event:
“Since Bio’s last visit, San Diego has really matured tremendously as a life sciences innovator,” said Joe Panetta, president and CEO of the local industry trade group Biocom. “We call this an ecosystem of innovation.”

Panetta and other industry and city officials spoke at the offices of Janssen Labs to preview the conference for media community leaders.

Since the last Bio conference here, Panetta said, San Diego has led the industry in innovations in personalized genetic medicine, the collection and storage of genetic data, the convergence of telecommunications and health care, bio renewables, and the creation first synthetic life form.

The convention is expected to generate $56 million for the local economy. “It may not be a big as Comic-Con, or with as colorfly dressed attendees, but those going to the Bio conference spend twice as much per person as Comic-Con visitors,” noted Francis Barraza , Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s director of boards and commissions.

Read the full article here.