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BIO Adds Airgas to Membership Discount Program

June 3, 2016
BIO Business Solutions®, BIO’s cost savings program, has announced a new partnership with Airgas, an Air Liquide company.  The Airgas program, available to members of BIO and our state affiliates, offers a broad range of industrial, specialty and medical gases in all modes of supply; dry ice; cryogenic storage and gas handling equipment and supplies. The program provides preferred pricing on gas products and 10-25% preferred discounts on equipment and supplies and the ability to customize locally.

The Airgas program can provide members easy and convenient transactions and 24/7/265 access through Airgas serves over one million customers through more than 1,100 locations throughout the U.S. with the local expertise to assist members engineer gas supply systems; plan and implement gas storage requirements; and plan, optimize and maintain your cellular storage needs.

Airgas is a leader in safety and compliance and has the ability to respond to incidents through the Airgas Emergency Response Organization (AERO), the largest emergency response organization in North America specifically trained to deal with compressed gases. By selecting Airgas as a contracted supplier, members will benefit from the company's coast-to-coast servicing capabilities and its understanding of the unique needs of biotechnology firms to focus on discover and innovation while maintaining a cost effective supply chain for their scientific gas requirements.

BIO Business Solutions negotiates significant volume-based discounts, competitive terms, and other benefits on products and services with industry leading suppliers on behalf of its members and members of state and regional biotech associations. Through the BIO Business Solutions program, more than 3,000 companies saved more than $202 million last year.

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