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BIO and ASTA Launch Innovature: A New Platform to Cultivate Conversations About Innovation in Food and Agriculture

Connor McKoy
Connor McKoy
January 17, 2019

From crops that are disease-resistant to more sustainable livestock, gene editing and other innovations in food and agriculture hold the potential to solve global challenges.

To cultivate a conversation around the potential of these innovations, BIO has teamed up with the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) to launch

Through Innovature’s website, social properties and other activities, the initiative aims to engage key influencers in a conversation around shared values to explore how gene editing can improve our planet, our health and our food.

Content on the hub explores specific cases of how gene editing and other innovations can address some of society’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, sustainability and hunger. Examples include pest-resistant sweet potatoes, disease-resistant oranges and rice that requires less natural resources like water and land. also includes shareable infographics and other resources to better understand the positive impacts gene editing and other food and agriculture innovations can have on society.

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