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BIO Career Fair: Impress the best

March 22, 2013
Don’t miss an opportunity to spend a day with hiring managers from the nations’ top biotech firms on April 22 at the BIO Career Fair in Chicago.

We asked Chanille Hewett, Product Manager for BioSpace , host of the BIO Career Fair, to share some ideas on how job seekers can benefit most from attending. You can pre-register online right now. It’s easy and will save you time at the event.

Why should a job seeker attend this event?

“You normally don’t just walk into a company’s HR department and start talking about jobs, but that’s what a career fair provides – immediate access to employers. All BioSpace Career Fairs provide a host of employers to choose from, and the event we host at BIO is one of our biggest of the year.”

What can a job seeker can do in the weeks leading up to the BIO Career Fair?

“First, be sure to pre-register. You want to spend every moment in the exhibit hall with employers, so skip the registration lines. Second, practice your elevator pitch. What makes your skills and expertise special? Think of a few accomplishments you’re really proud of and practice talking about these succinctly.”

What’s the first thing a job seeker should do after entering the exhibit hall?

“Take some time to review the employer list and job openings ahead of time. Meet first with those who seem most appealing to you or who have jobs that you’re excited about. Employers also expect that you already know something about them, so be sure that beforehand you’ve done your research – company profiles on BioSpace are a great resource.”

Name something Career Fair exhibitors wish job seekers would do more often.

“Come prepared. Some job seekers think attending a Career Fair is like shopping – you walk around, look at the booths and check out with a job. But there are a lot of people looking for work. You want to stand out – in the way you dress, your ability to sell yourself and by how much you know about the companies you find interesting.”

What about students attending the BIO convention? What’s in it for them?

“Though career fair attendees must have already completed a four-year degree, students can still benefit by looking at job descriptions from exhibiting employers. They should make note of the requisite experience, education and skill sets for opportunities they aspire to. Students should also subscribe to BioSpace Newsletters to stay on top of the latest research and industry news.”

Which employers will exhibit at the BIO Career Fair?

“The following employers will exhibit, with more likely to join …

  • Aerotek

  • Baxter International, Inc.

  • bioStrategies Group, Inc.

  • Dynavax Technologies

  • EMD Serono

  • Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc.

  • Gilead Sciences

  • Integrated Project Management

  • Kelly Scientific Resources

  • Nature Publishing Group

  • New Scientist Jobs

  • Science Careers

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • University of Notre Dame

  • Vertex

  • Wake County Economic Development

Pre-register today!

Don’t miss your chance to meet top biotech employers at the BIO Career Fair. Comment below or use #BIOCF2013 on Twitter to track event happenings, ask questions and get advice before going. Get started and pre-register today!

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