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BIO CEO 2012 Opening Remarks

February 15, 2012
The 14th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference started with a busy turnout Monday at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in New York City. Meetings scheduled between institutional investors and biotech executives hit a record high and the opening plenary was a standing room only event.

Kicking off the plenary were opening remarks from BIO's Executive Vice President of Emerging Companies and Business Development, Alan Eisenberg. A copy of the slides can be found here: Opening Plenary Intro Slides from BIO CEO 2012.

Some of the opening highlights are taken from BIO's recent buy-side survey to assess investors views on the industry heading into 2012. The questions and responses are presented here in slideshow format: BIO INVESTOR PERCEPTION SURVEY 2012.

The plenary panel discussion that followed was led by BIO CEO 2012 sponsor Lazard and covered a wide range of forward looking Q&A for top portfolio managers. For more on the panel discussion that followed, Fierce Biotech's take can be found here, and a blog post from BIO's Jason Corum can be found here.