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BIO CEO: The Perfect Place to Continue The Momentum From A Strong 2017 Biotech Market

December 15, 2017
The 20th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference, taking place February 12-13 in New York City, is one of the largest investor conferences focused on established and emerging publicly traded and select private biotech companies.  More than 600 investors attend the BIO CEO & Investor Conference; 28 different countries are represented; and more than 800+ C-level individuals attended in 2017.  More than 180 investors are already registered for this year such as AbbVie Ventures, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Carlyle Group, GE Ventures, Guggenheim Partners, Jefferies, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Morgan Stanley, NEA, and SVB, with two months still to go.

As 2017 comes to a close, a few takeaways have become quite evident for the biotech sector from the past two years.  In 2015, the biotech sector was riding a hot streak, so when 2016 rolled around we learned the harsh reality that an upward trend will eventually lead to a downward turn.  Several factors played a role according to EY’s “Beyond Borders” 2017 report such as payer pressure, a tumultuous US election, a sharp decline in drug approvals, and biotech companies facing the reality of the public market capital pipeline drying up for funding R&D in key US and European markets.  As these markets began to fall, they also had to begin to contend with a maturing biotech ecosystem in Asia, specifically from China, where funding and deal making were beginning to establish itself on a global scale.  While overall financing was down in 2016, several bright spots did emerge with early-stage venture financing remaining strong and the biotech sector having a top-three financing year, despite a slowdown in overall IPOs and follow-on funding rounds.  That financing supports the pipelines for drug development that are yielding real results.  For example, the US FDA approved more than 40 new molecular entities so far this year as innovative therapies are reaching patients and improving their lives.

Now, with 2017 wrapping up and analysts forecasting for 2018, it is obvious that the biotech sector will continue to expand itself across the global marketplace.  The burgeoning venture market in China consisting of strategic and financial investors is aggressively backing a new generation of domestic innovative biotech competitors.  These companies, along with others developing digital health technologies or advancing cell and gene therapies that could potentially lead to the next-wave of innovation, will further drive life science deal making higher.  A new wave of deal activity will also result in improving investors’ outlook on the biotech sector and the attractiveness to venture investors of financing a new pipeline of drug discovery and development, even as companies adapt to new regulatory and policy realities.  2017, with novel drug approvals outpacing the previous year’s stagnation, has taught us that corrections in the market, eventually lead to opportunities.

The BIO CEO & Investor Conference is the perfect place to continue this upward trend toward new frontiers in discovery and investment and ensure high-quality interactions between corporate and investor colleagues.  This year’s event is attracting investors from all stages and strategies of the investment life-cycle such as ARCH Venture Partners, BMO Capital, Bojian Capital, Chardan Capital Markets, Deerfield Management, Flagship Pioneering, HC Wainwright, Hercules Capital, Illumina Ventures, Innoviva, Ladenburg Thalmann, RBC Capital Markets, ROTH Capital Partners, TAP Advisors, Versant Ventures, and Vivo Capital.  In just two days at the BIO CEO & Investor Conference, you could meet with the potential partners it would take you weeks to visit otherwise.  The registered list of participating investors can be found here.

This event leads to corporate and investor stakeholders leveraging BIO’s proprietary One-on-One Partnering™ software to search company and investor profiles, evaluate potential collaborations and funding opportunities with participating companies, communicate directly with prospective investors and senior business and scientific management, and pre-schedule private business development meetings.

We also encourage you to inform your portfolio companies about presentation opportunities at #BIOCEO18.  Presenting companies are hand-selected for the event and provide a unique platform to showcase a company's pipeline, R&D activities, business objectives and investment goals.  Applications may be submitted by clicking here.

As an added benefit, BIO has compiled an easy-to-use tool for potential investors and attendees to sort through the mass of presenting company-submitted data, optimizing time spent in preparation for, and during the 2018 BIO CEO & Investor Conference. You can see the data spreadsheet at the following link, which updates weekly as new companies join the program:

Data Download of Presenting Companies

Ultimately, all this tireless effort for a unique event is designed to accelerate growth within the biopharma industry, catering to established entities and stakeholders looking to support them further and get more innovative treatments to helping patients sooner. Qualified investors attend for free.  Click here to Register.

Thank you very much and I hope you can join us in February!