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BIO Hosts Embassy Briefing on International Economic Development

December 11, 2018
Last week BIO hosted embassy representatives from over 25 countries to debut a new report that highlights strategies, policies and best practices that have been successful in creating an environment in which biotechnology innovation can flourish around the world.

The 5th edition of the Building the Bioeconomy report shows the correlation between economies with pro-innovation policy frameworks and those achieving strong biotechnology outputs. By examining 28 different indicators ranging from public policy inputs to biotechnology outputs, the report provides detailed analysis of the biotechnology climate for 33 countries from all major regions of the world. This data-driven report developed in partnership by BIO and Pugatch Consilium, compares economies on over 20 policy inputs and biotech outputs demonstrating the effect regulation has on industry growth.

To learn more about how to foster a strong global bioeconomy in 2019, join BIO and the Pugatch Consilium at the 2019 BIO International Convention. Click here to learn more about the similar types of networking and collaborative partnerships at the event.

The full report with Executive Summary is available for download here.