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The BIO International Convention® First Time Attendee College Basketball Challenge

April 1, 2014
Well, last weekend’s tournament games were certainly exciting. I hope you followed my advice to always bet on blue. The ‘Cats had an exciting couple of games - and I hope they can keep it going in Texas!

While last week’s advice (blue!) was solid - I have some new advice this week for folks who have thought about attending the BIO International Convention – but have not yet done so.  You should drop what you are doing and register to participate in the “2014 BIO International Convention First Time Attendee College Basketball Challenge.”  The winner of this contest will win registration to the 2014 BIO International Convention. This year’s Convention will be held June 23-26, 2014 in San Diego. While we will not be paying for your travel costs or hotel needs - we will be comping your admission to the biggest biotech industry gathering in the world. This year’s event is going to be better than ever – and this is your chance to win entry at no cost!

The contest is easy - fill out the entry form and pick the team that you think will win it all - BIO will pick a winner at random from the pool of people who selected the championship team. This contest is open to those folks who reside in the United States that have never previously attended a BIO International Convention - and have not yet registered for this year’s event. You can see all the rules for the contest here.

I am not going to give my final picks just yet - but stay tuned - they will be coming soon!