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BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: AM-Pharma

August 13, 2013
The BIO Investor Forum will be taking place this October in San Francisco for its 12th annual event. So far this year, the hot topic is, of course, the hot market. Out of all the therapeutic US companies that have had an IPO in 2013, 71% of them have attended the BIO Investor Forum. The program for the event will thus feature two great panels about the recent IPO activity, in addition to other therapeutic workshops and business roundtables, and over 120 company presentations.

To showcase some of these presenting companies, we'll continue with our Company Snapshot campaign, where presenters answer a series of questions about their drug or product, their priorities for the future, and other interesting facts about their company. For our first snapshot for the BIO Investor Forum, we've spoken with AM-Pharma, a private company from the Netherlands.

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Company Snapshot

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

"Our lead product is recombinant human alkaline phosphatase for the treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI). AKI is a huge unmet medical need, affecting 2 million patients in the Western World, while there is no treatment available. The most common cause of this disease is sepsis (bacterial blood infection, accounting for the majority of all patients), followed by cardiovascular surgery, toxic drugs or surgical contrast fluids and trauma."

How does your company go about differentiating itself from the competition?

"AM-Pharma is the only company that develops a treatment for sepsis-associated AKI and is the only company that demonstrated proof-of-concept with its therapy in AKI, amongst all causes. The most recent Phase II study with bovine alkaline phosphatase was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled multicentre trial in 36 patients with sepsis and AKI. In this study, the primary endpoint for efficacy showed a statistical significant improvement in renal creatinine clearance, whereas positive results were observed in secondary parameters including Intensive Care Unit stay and systemic inflammatory- and kidney damagebiomarkers."

What are the upcoming milestones and long-term priorities for your company?

"AM-Pharma is now switching from bovine alkaline phosphatase to a recombinant human alkaline phosphatase for further clinical studies. The company filed for Phase-I and expects to complete the phase-I healthy volunteer study by Q1 2014. In Q2 2014 the company will commence its phase-II study in sepsis-associated AKI. The results from the pivotal proof-of-concept study are expected early 2016. The company intends to partner the program thereafter.

The company is extending its pipeline to other indications such as IBD, for which earlier stage partnering is being considered."

Tell us something about your company that investors might not know.

Since 2011, AM-Pharma is funded by a syndicate of 8 investors, including the venture arms of Abbvie and Shire. Currently, discussions with new investors are ongoing to augment the current funding. The company will present at the ASN renal week conference its latest mode of action data and is frequently highlighted as promising treatment for AKI.


Thank you to AM-Pharma for participating in the BIO Investor Forum! See them present at the event, October 8-9th in San Francisco. For the most up-to-date information on the event, follow @bio1x1 and use the hashtag #BIF13!


*Company snapshots are meant to be previews of presentations given at BIO events by way of answering set questions. BIO does not substantiate or validate any claims mentioned in company snapshots or presentations.