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BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: KineMed

August 28, 2013
For our next company snapshot, we spoke with David Fineman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of KineMed, a company that serves major pharmaceutical clients by making predictions of efficacy and toxicity to accelerate and reduce the cost of drug development. They'll be presenting at the BIO Investor Forum. Read on below for a preview of what the company will discuss.



Company Snapshot

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

KineMed's kinetic biomarkers guide health-related purchases and drug development decisions through personal biology information, transforming the $18B biomarker, $50B diagnostics, and the >$200B consumer wellness markets. This dynamic information comes from our proprietary mass spectrometric platform, providing the missing link between individuals and optimal health-related products and services in non-prescription wellness management, prescription medical needs and next generation drug development. These programs provide near, mid, and long-term revenues from patients, payors and developers.

How does your company go about differentiating itself from the competition?

Kinemed’s pioneering efforts at producing kinetic biomarkers have fundamental advantages over competitive static biomarkers: namely, intrinsic functional significance, a direct causal rather than an associational relationship to disease pathology and a high predictive power for clinical outcomes. For these reasons, KineMed’s biomarkers do not suffer from the many limitations of contemporary molecular diagnostics. The past decade of successful applications to drug development decision making provides a strong foundation for commercializing our insights into disease biology that pairs effective therapeutics with an individualized approach to treatment.

What are the upcoming milestones and long-term priorities for your company?

KineMed has three programs based on KineMed’s personal biology information: Rx, Dx/Rx, and Cx

• Therapeutic Drug Discovery and Development (“Rx”)
o Pharmaceutical discovery and development: Here, Co-development partnerships with KineMed lead to more efficient drug discovery and development to power R&D spend.

• Prescription diagnostic tests and test/prescription drug pairings (“Dx/Rx”)
o Prescription diagnostics and diagnostic/drug pairings: The KineMed technology can be utilized by physicians to prescribe treatments, optimize dosing, predict drug toxicity, and recommend life-style choices for patients

• Non-prescription tests for consumer wellness products (“Cx”)
o Consumer products: KineMed’s non-prescription diagnostic tests link individuals and product providers to over-the-counter products and services

Tell us something about your company that investors might not know.

1. KINEMED unifies systems biology with personalized medicine by linking individual kinetic information--from transcription to proteomics by providing useful and functionally interpretable information that predicts clinical outcomes.

2. Mass Spectrometry technology has revolutionized the field of biomarkers and diagnostics. KineMed is at the vanguard of this revolution having developed techniques and biomarkers that measure metabolic flux and the underlying causal processes of disease.


Schedules for presenting companies will be posted in early September. Registration for the event has been in full swing, with more companies and investors registered at this time than prior years! Thanks to KineMed for being a part of this event!

*Company snapshots are meant to be previews of presentations given at BIO events by way of answering set questions. BIO does not substantiate or validate any claims mentioned in company snapshots or presentations.