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BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: NovelMed Therapeutics

August 21, 2013
NovelMed Therapeutics will be presenting at the upcoming BIO Investor Forum in October in San Francisco. Read below to learn more about their antibodies portfolio, what differentiates their company for the competition, and other interesting facts about the company.

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Company Snapshot

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

NovelMed has developed a portfolio of fully humanized monoclonal antibodies that selectively target only the disease-associated Complement System. As such, NovelMed’s antibodies are active against multiple inflammatory-mediated diseases, in orphan and non-orphan categories, where the complement system plays a pathogenetic role. NovelMed has demonstrated significant preclinical results in the following areas: PNH, AMD and Arthritis. The Company’s lead product, Sele03™, is IND-ready and will begin Phase I clinical trials in early 2014.

How does your company go about differentiating itself from the competition?

NovelMed’s antibodies differ from other complement inhibitors in several ways. Our antibodies are safer because of their unique mechanism of action and as such may not require “Black Box warnings” associated with other products. Secondly, NovelMed’s antibodies act proximal to the generation of negative products such as C3a, C3b and C5a which cause extravascular hemolysis and activate inflammatory cytokines. Distally-acting antibodies allow the continued formation of these negative products. Thirdly, NovelMed’s lead compound, Sele03™ is 10-20 times more potent than competitive products, which allows for increased patient convenience and less costly subcutaneous administration.

What are upcoming milestones and long-term priorities for your company?

While our lead compound is currently in large scale production, our major objectives are the following: 1) to locate the right pharmaceutical/biotech and/or investment partners to help us carry our years of successful development into clinical trials and eventually to commercialization; 2) to achieve IND status in appropriate meetings with FDA; 3) to receive orphan and breakthrough status in several of our priority clinical indications; and 4) to initiate our Phase I, II and III clinical trial programs in our leading inflammatory-mediated disease states.

Tell us something about your company that investors might not know.

NovelMed Therapeutics has been funded by the National Institute of Health to support these disease programs. Such success is a testimony to the innovativeness represented by NovelMed science. Through an undiluted ownership structure, investors can participate in this highly developed platform with a potential collective market of over $50 billion.


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