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BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: Vaccinex

September 12, 2013
Recently, the CEO of Prosensa provided their company's perspective participating in last year's BIO Investor Forum. Looking ahead at this year's event, we spoke to the President & CEO of Vaccinex, Dr. Maurice Zauderer. They will be presenting in the regular private track, which features later-stage private companies. Read below to learn more about this biotech.


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Company Snapshot

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

Vaccinex’s lead product, VX15, is an antibody to semaphorin 4D, a novel regulatory target that impacts multiple disease-related pathways in neurology and oncology.  VX15 recently completed the dose escalation phase of a phase 1 trial in patients with solid tumors. Preclinical and clinical data suggest important immunotherapeutic effects.  Previously reported preclinical evidence demonstrate VEGF independent anti-angiogenic effects and a direct effect on transactivation of MET and ErbB2 membrane receptor kinases on tumor cells that express the semaphorin 4D receptor, plexin-B1.  A second phase 1 trial in patients with multiple sclerosis is in progress.  Preclinical data demonstrate that VX15 protects the integrity of the blood-brain barrier in neuroinflammatory disease and promotes the survival and differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells to repair damage to myelin.

How does your company go about differentiating itself from the competition?

Vaccinex focuses on developing antibody based therapeutics employing its proprietary vaccinia virus-based ActivMAb® human antibody discovery technology.  Selection of fully human antibodies expressed on both virus and infected mammalian cell makes it possible to combine the advantages of phage and yeast display in a single mammalian cell based technology.  Target selection is based on novel biological properties with demonstrated relevance to multiple disease processes.

What are the upcoming milestones and long-term priorities for your company?

The company is currently engaged in partnering discussions to advance development of VX15 in both neurological diseases and cancer.  A high priority for the company is to continue to be actively involved in development of VX15 while advancing other innovative products.

Tell us something about your company that investors might not know.

In addition to VX15, Vaccinex is developing an antibody to the CXCL13 chemokine which has recently been reported to play a unique role in driving Th2 type immune responses. Vaccinex is also building a portfolio of NKT cell related biologics with properties relevant to cancer, autoimmunity and infectious disease.


We look forward to seeing Maurice and Vaccinex at the BIO Investor Forum, and we'll continue to post snapshots of other companies at the event. To read prior snapshots, please click here!

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