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BIO Investor Forum Newly Added Sessions - Digital Health Spotlights

October 16, 2015
We are pleased to announce that two “digital health spotlight” sessions have been added to next week’s BIO Investor Forum program! If you haven't yet registered, we encourage you to do so by clicking here an to check out the full program.

Digital Health Spotlight #1—Investment Landscape and CEO Interview (Tuesday, October 20, 8:00-8:55am)

Recent advances in mobile applications, miniaturization, and standards interoperability, plus the rising acceptance of patients willing to share healthcare interactions through digital channels, are changing the face of medicine.  Olivier Leclerc, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company will lead a conversation with Jeffrey Brewer, CEO, Bigfoot Biomedical (artificial pancreas project) about the frontier of digital health.

Digital Health Spotlight #2—The Road to Health 2.0 and Beyond (Tuesday, October 20, 3:15-4:10 pm)

Since 2007, Matthew Holt has been on the forefront of exploring and explaining the digital health terrain as co-founder of the Health 2.0 conference series and writer at The Health Care Blog.  Matthew will provide his perspective on the trajectory of the health care industry’s relationship with technology over the past eight years and will answer questions about where he sees these trends impacting the biotechnology industry.