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BIO Latin America: Agricultural Biotechnology in Brazil

August 1, 2018
The food and agriculture industry is on the verge of unleashing the potential that the convergence of biotechnology and data science can hold for the sector. Advances in genome editing, artificial intelligence, and remote sensing hold enormous potential to enhance human, animal, and environmental health, and enabling this progress will require dialogue and collaboration between different segments of industry, government, and civil society.

BIO Latin America, taking place on September 4-5, in São Paulo, will convene thought leaders from the region and around the world to discuss advances in health, agricultural, and environmental technologies, and the policy environment needed  to enable the commercialization of these technologies. Panel discussion topics will include the convergence of technologies, intellectual property protection, and biotech entrepreneurship.

In addition to the panel discussions, the conference, hosted by BIO and Biominas Brazil, will bring together high-level executives, industry leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and investors from around the globe to debate trends, navigate industry challenges, access innovative companies, conduct 1x1 partnering meetings and discover new collaboration and deal making opportunities.