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BIO Moderates Discussion on Important Industrial & Environmental Issues

October 31, 2013
On Wednesday, October 30th, began hosting a discussion on the blend wall and the Renewable Fuel Standard, moderated by BIO's Dr. Matt Carr, Managing Director, Policy, and Industrial & Environmental. BIO has been working with this independent group to increase robust participation in the discussion and encourages not only BIO's member companies to participate but additional parties, expert on the topic, to submit comments as well. This is an opportunity for stakeholders in the RFS to tell an audience of policymakers that stability in this program is vital to its success. does not have or endorse any specific political, programmatic, policy, or technological agendas, but rather seeks to encourage a broad discussion of all points of view. The organization empowers energy experts representing every viewpoint from every sector – industry, academia, government, law, finance, non-profit organizations, think tanks, and more – to participate in and drive public dialogue that will sharpen distinctions, identify points of consensus, and stimulate innovative solutions in our energy policy. will help spread BIO's message by circulating the discussion transcript to offices on Capitol Hill – as an educational tool for Congress members. Additionally, discussions have been covered by some news outlets in the last several months.  You can read a few of the stories here and here.

If interested in participating in the discussion, register here to comment.  Note all comments will be vetted by