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BIO One-on-One Partnering Opens for BIO International Convention

February 27, 2013
The 2013 BIO International Convention and BIO Business Forum is kicking in to full gear! And today is a big day! The BIO One-on-One Partnering System™ for the event has officially launched! This means that login credentials are being sent to registered participants, who can access the site to set up their profiles and send and accept meeting requests. We had a stellar year last year, where records were legitimately broken. So here's to breaking new records in 2013!

A few quick items to get you started:

  1. How do I get these awesome login credentials you mention?

    1. If you've registered for the Business Forum, so either Full Convention Access & Partnering or Convention Access & Partnering, your login credentials will automatically be sent to you.

    2. If you're participating in Exhibitor Partnering and have been assigned space by your Pavilion Organizer, you will also be getting login credentials. If you're a stand alone Exhibitor and have already assigned your Exhibitor Partnering Contacts, you'll also be receiving this email.

  2. Are the Exhibitor Partnering and Business Forum Partnering Systems different or separate?

    1. They are one and the same! All participants can log in at You can also access the site from our event homepage - see the screen shot below.

    2. [caption id="attachment_10574" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption]

  3. I have my login credentials. Now what?

    1. First things first: start editing your profile. For those who have attended a recent BIO event, you can simply import your past profile to help you get started. Once it's up-to-date and to your liking, you'll then want to Publish your profile. (See screen shot below.) This is the only step that will make your profile visible to companies searching for you, so it is very important. Another tip: everything you write is searchable, so be sure to be specific!

    2. PublishSnapshot2

    3. NEW THIS YEAR: Exhibitors who participated last year will now be able to import their previous profiles.

  4. The event is still weeks away. What should I be doing from now til then?

    1. Remember, the BIO One-on-One Partnering System is a pre-conference meeting tool. What does that mean? It means the most successful companies are logging in to the system frequently. They're searching for the people they want to meet with, - and not waiting to see what requests come to them, - they're sending requests, and they're promptly responding to the requests that do come to them. As the event approaches, they will have a full queue of meetings to be scheduled. This goes for both Exhibitor Partnering and folks in the Business Forum - if you wait until the conference is here, the folks you want to meet with, well, they'll be occupied in other meetings!

  5. What if I need help?

    1. Contact us! You can email or simply pick up the phone. For Business Forum, call us at 866.356.5155. For exhibitors, call us at 202.312.9264 or email

    2. You can also join us for a BIO Partnering Town Hall on March 20th, where you'll be able to ask us any and all questions! More information is available at

Here's to a successful #BIO2013! Stay tuned for more details, how-to's, and more from the One-on-One Compass.