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BIO Recognizes the Work of Two Indiana Legislators

May 16, 2014
flagAcross the country state lawmakers are addressing the issue of biosimilars, lower-cost biologic medicines that stand to benefit severely ill patients combating complex and life threatening diseases.

Indiana has been at the forefront of this important issue, and two Indiana state legislators, Representative Ed Clere and Senator Brandt Hershman, were particularly instrumental to the success of biosimilar legislation that was recently signed into law by Governor Mike Pence.

Representative Ed Clere (District 72), is Chair of the House Committee on Public Health, which initiated the legislation in the 2013 session. Senator Hershman (District 7), is the Majority Floor Leader and sponsor of SB 262 in the 2014 session.

Last week, BIO recognized the contribution of Representative Clere and Senator Hershman by naming them 2014 BIO Legislators of the Year.