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BIO Salutes Norman E. Borlaug, Father of “Green Revolution”

September 14, 2009

Nobel Laureate Used Biotechnology and Modern Farming Practices to Combat World Hunger

Norman E. Borlaug, American geneticist and plant pathologist who lead a global agricultural transformation through his research and advocacy for modern farming practices, died Saturday, September 12th in Dallas.

Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) issued the following statement in tribute to Dr. Borlaug:
“On behalf of BIO and its members, we offer our condolences to the Borlaug family, his friends and colleagues, and we salute his life’s work.  Borlaug applied scientific innovation, compassion for the poor, and expert knowledge of agricultural practices to develop and introduce groundbreaking technologies that will forever change the prospects of poor and hungry people around the globe. 

“Borlaug’s development of high-yield and disease-resistant wheat varieties bore results in Mexico, Pakistan and India that stretched the imagination of viable agriculture in developing countries.  Recently, Borlaug worked to apply farming practices and methods of increasing food production to Asia and Africa, and he has continued to advocate for the use of biotechnology to combat world famine. 

“As the global population continued to increase, and farmers in developing countries continued to face challenges like climate change, plant diseases and pests, the need to address global food poverty became more and more a passion for Dr. Borlaug. 

“World leaders will honor and continue his legacy by further applying his practices and technologies to modern-day agriculture and food production.  Dr. Borlaug has been an example for so many of us who see the hope and promise this science holds.

“Farmers who now provide more with less and a world that can better feed itself, are forever in the debt of Norman Borlaug.”

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