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BIO White Paper Highlights Key Industry Legislation and its Impact on the Industry

January 9, 2014
Innovative biotech companies at all stages of the development process are working toward next generation technologies to heal, fuel, and feed the world. In an effort to highlight promising policy legislation and its impact on the biotech sector, BIO has authored the following white paper: The Future Policy Landscape for Emerging Biotechnology Companies.

Many research-intensive companies rely on private investment to support their groundbreaking R&D. Therefore, favorable legislation such as the JOBS Act is essential in fostering the biotech pipeline which ultimately supports the next generation of breakthrough technologies. For example, the R&D Partnership Structures proposal in the Start-up Jobs and Innovation Act would stimulate $10.3 billion in investment per year and create 156,000 jobs.

In addition to a strong policy landscape, a healthy public market is paramount to the success of the biotech industry, as growing innovators often turn to an IPO to fund late-stage clinical trials. In 2013, 39 US-based companies went public, five European-based companies, and one Canadian company. Of these 45 IPOs, 42 companies have gone public on US stock exchanges.

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