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BIO World Congress Announces 2017 GreenTech Investor Sessions

June 8, 2017
Today, BIO announced that eleven emerging companies will make formal presentations to investors during GreenTech Investor Sessions at the 2017 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology being held July 23-26, 2017 Montréal, Québec, Canada.

BIO’s GreenTech Investor Sessions provide emerging companies developing advanced biofuels and renewable chemical platforms to share their new technologies and value proposition through formal 15-minute presentations to an elite audience of investors and analysts. Companies were selected to present breakthrough clean technologies, bio-based consumer product strategies, proofs of concept, and extensive intellectual property coverage during the session.

The GreenTech Investor Sessions will take place on Monday July, 24:

8:30 AM:     DEINOVE

8:50 AM:     DMC Biotechnologies, Inc.

9:10 AM:     BOSK Bioproducts

10:35 AM:   S2G BioChemicals, Inc.

10:55 AM:   enEvolv

11:55 AM:   Lygos, Inc.

1:45 PM:     Mercurius Biorefining, Inc.

2:05 PM:     Kalion, Inc.

2:25 PM:     Leaf Resources, Ltd.

2:45 PM:     Industrial Microbes

3:05 PM:     Prospect Bio

Education sessions have been previously released.

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