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BIO World Congress GreenTech Investor Sessions

July 22, 2015
On Monday, July 20, the GreenTech Investor Sessions took place at the at the BIO World Congress.

Eleven companies made formal, 15-minute presentations on their technology development and business models to an audience of elite investors, analysts, and conference attendees. These companies were chosen to present by an external advisory panel of investors following an application and selection process.

The top eleven companies included:

Forelight has developed a patented photosynthetic growth platform that provides highly controllable conditions for consistent, stable and cost-effective commercial indoor biomass production.

Cathay Industrial Biotech has been a pioneering industrial biotechnology company with commercial-scale production since 2003. It is the world leader in the production of long chain dibasic acids used primarily for nylons, polyesters, adhesives, and solvents.

Plaxica is a technology licensing company founded in 2008 as a spin-out from Imperial College, London. Their unique technology allows partners to transform low value by-product streams into high value lactic acid.

Greenyug, LLC is a privately held technology development company with a mission to research, develop and commercialize production of commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, polymers and fuels derived from renewable sources.

Primordial Genetics Inc. is developing Function Generator™, a novel combinatorial gain-of-function genetic technology designed to enhance product tolerances, productivities (rate, titer and yield) and growth characteristics of microbial organisms used for renewable production of chemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals and other commercially valuable compounds.

Syngulon is developing original genetic technologies to improve the efficiency of microorganisms and micro refineries involved in industrial bioproduction via synthetic biology which involves industrial microbial genomes to achieve high production yield and which improves compatibility with the environment.  

zuChem is a leading producer of unique sugars for human health and nutrition. zuChem develops proprietary technologies for the manufacture of glycochemicals and carbohydrates for use in the food, specialty and fine chemical markets.

Sweetstreams Biotech focuses on research and development, production, and formulation of natural food ingredients as a premium supplier for nutraceutical and natural health products.  

BIOPolynet is the creator of BioNanocoil, a novel and simple method to stabilize sand and soil, control industrial dust, and improve the performance of other industrial binders. Their biopolymer can be sprayed directly onto natural surfaces without harming plant life and is environmentally friendly.

Leaf Resources Limited is focused on making sustainable products from plant biomass. They offer an advanced technology package for breaking down plant derived biomass to useful, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable products.

Rho Renewables, Inc. was formed to harness the power of synthetic biology to develop pathways for the commercial manufacture of high-value aromatic specialty chemicals and potential high-octane biofuels.

Industry investors moderated the GreenTech Investors Sessions, opening the room up for questions following the presentations. At the conclusion of the sessions, Sofinnova presented the Soffinova Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award