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#BIO2013 Company Snapshot: Acreo Swedish ICT

April 22, 2013
The BIO Business Forum at the International Convention is in full swing! Partnering meetings began at 8:00am this morning, with the first Exhibitor Partnering meetings starting later in the day after the Opening Ceremony. Presentations have also begun. We've been highlighting a few presenters in our snapshot campaign, and below is more information on another: Acreo Swedish ICT, a diagnostics and platform technologies company presenting Wednesday at 10:30am in the Chicago Cubs Room. Read more below!



Company Snapshot

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

Life Science at Acreo Swedish ICT is about expertise in detection, diagnostics, and analysis in an array of multi-disciplinary technologies. Our primary goal is to take research concepts to manufacturable prototypes. Our scientists and engineers can apply biological assay and recognition experience to printed electronics, fiber optics, or nanoelectronics platforms. Our detection systems will utilize optimized transduction mechanisms selected from optical, physical, or chemical methods (Fluorescence, IR, UV, magnetoelastic, EIS, electrochemical). Plus, with Acreo Swedish ICT's long history in information communication technology we can enable our systems for real-world E-Health and M-Health functionality.

Acreo Life Science has several platform technologies that are applicable in pharma, PoC, environmental, and agricultural market segments. One of our most exciting platforms is an Integrated Printed Biosensor Platform (IBP) that includes the biosensor, power, control electronics, and display for quantitative output all printed on a flexible plastic or paper substrate. The Acreo IBP offers a new paradigm in point of care or remote sensing applications that is cheap, convenient, and disposable. In addition to this new platform we have a hand-held flow cytometer for pathogen detection, no liquid flow ion pump for cell or tissue regulation, and a lab in a fiber with multi-functionality and micro-fluidic capability.

How does your company go about differentiating itself from the competition?

As a multi-disciplinary research institute Acreo Life Science provides an open innovation environment that can provide an optimal solution. Whereas other companies have singular technologies, Acreo's diverse expertise will provide the "best" solution - not just one solution. Our early stage production laboratories, in combination with manufacturing capability, means Acreo can fill the gap between research and manufacturable product solutions ready for development scale-up. We can provide a 'de-risked' prototype product.

What are the short-term and long-term priorities for your company?

Acreo Life Science's priority is to partner with industry to provide solutions to improve quality of life with sustainable solutions. Historically Acreo has many collaborative grant projects in partnership with academia and industry. Many of the technologies developed have resulted in successful spin-off companies, which is a goal that Acreo continues to strive for. Acreo Swedish ICT is looking for growth through partnership and by utilizing the resources of the three other institutes under the Swedish ICT umbrella. In addition to Acreo Swedish ICT core in information and communication (SICS) we also focus on e-health, interactive imaging systems (Interactive Institute), and sustainable mobility (Viktoria).

Tell us something about your company attendees of the BIO International Convention may not know?

Acreo's origins date back to the 70's with our optical fiber expertise. Since that time, Acreo and Swedish ICT (with our spin offs and technology developments) have contributed about 40% ROI to Swedish society in terms of jobs, turnover and technology advancements, an impressive success. This success has been accomplished in our environment as a non-profit Swedish Research institute. We have recently reorganized to become one brand under Swedish ICT to take advantage more effective inter-company collaboration and unify our business units.

What are your goals for the event and your participation in the Business Forum?

Our goal is to grow the awareness of what Acreo Life Science offers with industrial partnerships and attract investments for our platforms to take these devices to the next step toward commercialization. Increase Acreo's presence in the international market place.

Is there a story behind your company name or logo?

Our new logo, as of November 2012, symbolizes open and interactive partnership among our varied institutes. The open innovation is for our outside partners and the interactive will take advantage of Acreo Swedish ICT's multi-disciplinary environment. The name Acreo, as my colleague Ingemar Petermann recalls "...was Advanced Center for Research in Electronics and Optics; where the "Advanced" was added to get the A in the front. However there may be several opinions about how the original acronym was formed (and there may also in fact be several origins of it!), so don't necessarily take my word for it."

The name as an acronym was left rather quickly in favor of "Acreo" as a name with no further meaning. One of the other versions I vaguely recall being told was the Acreo name originated as Creative Research Organization 'CREO' (or something similar) with the A added to put us at the top of any list! With either origin, Ingemar's being more likely accurate, we intentionally strove to be listed at the top. ACREO - Innovation for Growth - yours and ours.


Thank you to Acreo, and all our company presenters! Catch the full list and schedule at, and look for them in the Partnering System!