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#BIO2017 Start-Up Stadium Offers Rare Opportunity for Early Stage Biotechs

March 28, 2017
It starts with a premise—a theory, a hypothesis, a concept. It is followed by testing, design, discovery and development and, hopefully, it moves to preclinical and clinical research and then to FDA review and approval. The journey from idea to a breakthrough life-saving medicine is long and expensive, requiring infusions of money along the way. Yet early stage biotechs often don’t have the right access to investors and other stakeholders. That’s where BIO’s “Start-Up Stadium” comes in. For the third year, the BIO International Convention will host the Start-Up Stadium event that connects early stage companies with investors and state and regional affiliates.

Through an online form, early stage biotech companies are invited to submit an application for the opportunity to appear before investor judges and engage in a Q&A that will provide invaluable feedback to 40 finalists. Each finalist will present a five to seven-minute pitch which will be followed up with written and oral feedback from the judges. In addition the finalists are encouraged to request and schedule BIO One-on-One Partnering™ meetings before they arrive in San Diego.

You can submit an application to participate in the Start-up stadium if your company:

  • Has raised less than $10 million since inception

  • Has fewer than 20 full-time employees

  • Has previous business pitch or competition experience

  • Has not participated in BIO One-on-One Partnering™

Applications will be accepted until April 7, 2017. Through this competition, BIO is looking to provide resources that boost the biotechnology industry as well as provide a clear, successful example to stakeholders that early-stage innovation is well represented at the world’s largest biotechnology event!

“Through the widespread outreach of this fantastic event, we plan to reach entrepreneurial ecosystems in all 50 states and abroad,” said BIO’s President and CEO, Jim Greenwood. “We plan to reach some of the most overlooked regions for biotech start-ups, which traditionally have limited access to investor engagement, feedback and representation.”

After the event, BIO will collect feedback from start-ups and judges and analyze the increased engagement between investors and early-stage communities. In late July, BIO will follow up with finalists for product and investment status.

Participating in the BIO Start-Up Stadium event provides a great opportunity to be featured in an innovative space that drives start-ups and investors to engage and explore opportunities for cutting-edge achievements.