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BioCentury This Week: Death & Taxes – Startups Need Fixes

September 13, 2013

masthead_01Vitae CEO Jeff Hatfield, Ernst & Young Partner Christopher Ohmes, and GPB Scientific CEO Michael Grisham will be discussing proposed tax changes that could spur billions of dollars in investment and create hundreds of thousands of jobs on BioCentury This Week airing Sunday September, 15 at 8:30am EST on WUSA-9.

Biotech startups face death before taxes and unless investors are willing to finance years of losses, technologies that could save and improve lives are left languishing in labs across the country.

The Coalition of Small Business Innovators wants to relax provisions of the U.S. tax code that are keeping capital at bay.

The accounting firm Ernst & Young estimates the proposed changes could spur $20 billion of investment and create more than 600,000 jobs.

Tune in on Sunday at 8:30am EST or watch it on the web starting at 9:00am EST at

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