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BioGENEius Challenge: The Very Real Students of BIO

April 22, 2013
With the 2013 BioGENEius Challenge underway, we'll soon find out who will be one of the new young leaders in the biotechnology industry.

With younger generations growing increasingly civic minded and looking to affect their communities by finding first-rate solutions to food, climate and health challenges, the BioGENEius Challenge fosters the best, smartest and most skilled workers who aim to tackle these issues and pursue a career in biotechnology.

The BioGENEius International Challenge is one of the few international competitions to host participants at a leading industry conference. This unparalleled access to leading companies, scientists and innovators in biotechnology provides student participants with unbound inspiration and firsthand experience on what a dynamic future career in the industry can encompass.

In fact, this year’s participants will have access to awe-inspiring leaders blazing a path in biotechnology at the very start of their careers. The top finalists will share the stage with a group of rising stars in science and healthcare who Forbes deemed the brightest stars under the age of 30. These rising stars are the model of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, providing BioGENEius participants with a look into the exceptional careers in science and healthcare. However, the BioGENEius students are themselves, rising stars in their own right. They are already practicing with a graduate level skill set and an interdisciplinary approach during their high school years and paving their way to success through rigorous competitions like the BioGENEius Challenge.

Over the past 20 years, the BioGENEius Challenge has developed into a prestigious competition for high schools students across the US, Canada and Western Australia. With plans for further growth, one thing remains: the BioGENEius Challenge inspires, nurtures and enables students interested in biotechnology to dream big and pursue important future careers in which they will help tackle the world’s most challenging issues.

Since 1994, over 1,200 high-school students have participated in the competition presenting their original independent research projects. Today, past participants boast many successful stories of their work in the industry. These young leaders in science, technology, math and engineering are crafting careers in biotechnology through the fields of research, medicine, biology and engineering at top institutions including: Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University, Columbia University and Northwestern University.

The BioGENEius Challenge – from the local level to the international – would not be possible without the sponsors who have played an integral part in growing the Challenge over the past 20 years. Dedicated supporters such as Sanofi Pasteur Ltd., Sanofi Pasteur Canada, Sanofi Pasteur U.S., Aventis, and Janssen Research & Development, LLC have helped provide a platform for these young scientists to showcase their research.

As we await the news of the top finalists and first place winner of the BioGENEius International Challenge, we applaud the students participating in the BioGENEius Challenge. They will be the innovative stewards developing ways to cure disease, protect against bio-terrorism, feed the hungry, and clean our environment.