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BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™ and the Winning Pitch - 2016 BIO Investor Forum

October 6, 2016
BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™ system will facilitate over 2,000 partnering meetings at this year’s BIO Investor Forum. Partnering activity is at a record high, with 60% more requests already compared to any previous year and 50% more meetings scheduled. The system is easier to use than ever. It includes a mobile app, integration with Outlook, Gmail or other calendars, and the ability to browse and schedule sessions and company presentations. BIO’s partnering system is built atop the Partneringplace CRM for pharma business development. That means a history of the companies you met at previous BIO events is at your fingertips. With rich task assignment and comment threads, you also can collaborate with colleagues who may not be coming to BIO Investor Forum for feedback and insights on companies. If you’d like to collaborate on your meeting strategy at BIO Investor Forum with a colleague who’s not attending, just send us their information at and we will add them in to Partneringplace! Finally Partneringplace makes meeting follow-up and note taking a breeze, and it’s free to use for BIO conferences. Be sure to click on Partneringplace in the BIO One-on-One Partnering menu to check it out.

To help companies at the 2,000+ partnering meetings that will transpire at BIO Investor Forum, BIO hosted a webinar and asked Rajeev Dadoo (RD) from SR One, Karl Handelsman (KH) from Codon Capital and the Roche Venture Fund, Alex Szidon (AS) from Merck (West Coast Innovation Hub) and Ed Hurwitz (EH) from Precision BioVentures to give advice on how to make the most of partnering meetings.

If you missed our mega web panel on how to pitch to investors and inlicensors, you should check out the recording: Here are some transcribed pieces of wisdom:

How do you make the ideal pitch deck?
“Don’t fall in love with your particular agent or delivery device. Fall in love with the solution to a problem and if you can connect an unmet need with a particular mechanism and show that you can connect the dots…if you can explain problem, solution, and attractability – that checks all boxes”
Alex Szidon, Merck (West Coast Innovation Hub)

“Going back to the real basics you should know your audience and tailor the presentation. You need to be flexible so the discussion can change as it goes on if somebody gets interested in one particular point or topic.”
Rajeev Dadoo, SR One

“Lead off with what makes you interesting to the group – tell me why you have a solution that is compelling”
Karl Handelsman, Codon Capital and the Roche Venture Fund

“The only thing that will lose my interest immediately and never get a follow-up is if we never talk about mechanism of action.”
Ed Hurwitz, Precision BioVentures

How much data do you need to have before seeking investment or outlicensing?
“We like to see some biological/scientific rational around the target pathway mechanism. Why it might be different than current standard of care (if there is one). And why it might be differentiated - you might not have all the data, but at least a strong hypothesis.”
- Rajeev Dadoo, SR One

“What makes a poor impression is qualitative statements around ‘it’s a clean profile, there’s no tox.’ That just means you haven’t done the right experiments – it erodes the credibility of the team.”
- Alex Szidon, Merck (West Coast Innovation Hub)

“You should engage both with collaborators and investors even before you start the company and you’ll have a much higher success rate…learn what’s going on.”
- Karl Handelsman, Codon Capital and the Roche Venture Fund

“In general I would never do anything before your provisional patents at a minimum are filed and the IP is solidified. You need some expert advice on the IP side, always, before you would launch.”
- Ed Hurwitz, Precision BioVentures

How do you handle confidential information before CDA?
“I would err on the side of not showing structures to people until very very very late and in some cases after you see some preliminary economic terms.”
Ed Hurwitz, Precision BioVentures

“What moves us is data and so if there’s an impediment between those critical data and a company’s ability to share them, they need to remove them”
- Alex Szidon, Merck (West Coast Innovation Hub)

“It is a skill to be able to talk about what it is you’re doing without revealing the parts that make it confidential. You can talk a lot about what are the advantages, why it is that you have this thing - you can talk about a lot without giving the structure on even under CDA”
Karl Handelsman, Codon Capital and the Roche Venture Fund

Use the tips from the webinar to wow potential partners at the BIO Investor Forum, BIO Latin America, the Sofinnova Japan Biopharma Partnering Conference, MedStartUp or any of the various conferences run by the BIO One-on-One Partnering system.

It’s not too late to register to attend!

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