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BIO’s Start-up Stadium—Springboard to Success

May 29, 2018
Our fourth and final blog in our series highlighting a few of last year’s Start-up Stadium participants, highlights a start-up called Celltheon, a CRO which provides cell lines to enable the development of biotherapeutics.

Several years ago, BIO created the Start-up Stadium at the BIO International Convention—the largest annual global gathering of biotechnology professionals.

Much like a reality TV show competition, the event creates a dynamic interplay between the contestants and judges. After delivering a six-minute pitch, the early-stage company receives feedback in real time from hand-picked judges and often continues the relationship beyond the initial meeting at the Convention. In the end, six winners are chosen from among the more than 40 finalists. Most of the start-ups find the experience to be beneficial and a few have agreed to share their stories with us.

Today we talked with 2017 participant, Amita Goel, CEO of Celltheon located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BIOtechNOW (BTN): Can you tell us about your start-up?

Our start up is a CRO that has developed a Cell Line Development platform technology "Celltheon SMART Technology" that enables rapid generation of high titer (>3.0gm/L) cell lines with optimum product quality.  Our stable pools reach titers of > 1.0gm/L enabling development of number of Bio therapeutics that would normally have fallen into the valley of death due to low expression.

BTN: Was the Start-Up Stadium platform able to assist you in gaining visibility?

Yes, we were approached by a potential client

BTN: Did you receive constructive live feedback at the Start-Up Stadium from stakeholders and subject matter experts?

Yes, we did and there was one subject matter expert on the panel who provided us feedback to refine our business plan and our message.

BTN: How have you implemented any feedback to achieve success and continued growth?

We have incorporated the suggestion into our core business offering.

BTN: Were your BIO One-on-One Partnering™ meetings successful? Did they generate valuable connections with potential for meaningful partnerships?

Yes definitely, we have since signed some of them as clients and some as our consultants.

BTN: Although no longer eligible to participate in the Start-Up Stadium, will you be returning the 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston?

Yes, we are.