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Biotech to Celebrate America… And Save the Planet

Connor McKoy
Connor McKoy
July 3, 2019

This week, Americans across the country are hitting the road, securing their sparklers and lighting the grill to celebrate our nation’s 243rd birthday.

Many Americans don’t know, however, that biotechnology will play a significant role in ensuring we can continue to celebrate the country’s independence for decades to come.

From the ethanol in your gas tank that will fuel your trek to the beach, to the renewable chemicals that can one day be used to make bioplastic solo cups, to the climate-resilient vegetables that are sizzling on the grill, biotechnology allows us to celebrate sustainability.

However, the promise of a more sustainable July 4th can only be realized if biotech innovation is embraced here at home and abroad.

As countless presidential hopefuls descend on Iowa campaigning for votes, BIO’s President and CEO Jim Greenwood has a message for those making climate change and sustainability a pillar in their presidential platforms: Biotech can save the planet.

Read Greenwood’s full piece in the Des Moines Register, by clicking here. And don’t forget to follow along with all the action happening at the BIO World Congress in Des Moines next week by following #BIOWC19.

To learn more about how biotechnology can reduce environmental impact and mitigate the effects of climate change, click here.