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Biotechnology "Oozes Through Your Life"

June 28, 2011
Author Stephanie Clifford details U.S. dependency on oil in a recent Sunday New York Times article about the many ways that Oil Oozes Through Your Life, from food ingredients to plastic containers to cosmetics and all the energy that ships products from factory to consumer. The article notes that "there are only a few alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals," but no examples other than natural gas are given.

This oversight was mentioned by the USDA's Sarah Bittleman at the Leadership Summit at the BIO International Convention yesterday. Bittleman suggested that biobased alternatives should have been included.

BIO's Brent Erickson recently spoke with CBS SmartPlanet's Melanie Kaplan about several ways renewable biobased chemicals are replacing petroleum in food ingredients, from wine to pasta to pet food. More examples are detailed on the website.