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BIOtechNOW: Where the biotech industry meets online

June 21, 2011
As the biotech industry prepares to meet at the 2011 BIO International Convention in Washington, DC next week, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve re-launched BIOtechNOW as a multi-blog platform. Our new platform aims to create an online biotech community where we can connect to discuss the latest industry news – kind of like our convention, but available online 365 days a year.

BIOtechNOW will be a critical component of our advocacy, education and business development efforts. I hope that it becomes the first place BIO members, legislators, industry leaders and everyone else interested in biotechnology visit when searching for information about our industry.

The new BIOtechNOW compiles all of our various blogs, including my own Jim’s Corner, in to one place where you can join the conversation by commenting on our posts or sharing your thoughts directly on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to showcasing the expertise we have on staff, we’re planning on bringing together diverse voices from across the biotech industry. Guest bloggers specializing in biofuels, food and agriculture, health care, policy, industry analysis, and business development will share their thoughts and join the conversation, as well. We’re also planning on including contributions from onsite bloggers attending BIO events and launching an Official BIO Bloggers program.

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, discussing business trends, and learning about amazing new technologies in this online space with you.