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Boulder County's GMO Ban Is About Everything Except GMOs

May 1, 2017
Over the past five months, Boulder County community columnist Mara Abbott has researched the local, national and international debate over GMOs in agriculture and interviewed 14 key local players to produce a five-part series in the Daily Camera on Boulder County's decision to ban GMOs on county-owned agricultural land.

Among the article’s highlights:

“The county's Cropland Policy defines sustainability with a balance of environmental, economic and social terms. The GMO ban sacrifices potential environmental gains, destabilizes the economic livelihood of individual farmers and threatens the ability of multi-generational families to continue tending the land in community with one another and Boulder County. With this decision, we have chopped our three-legged stool of sustainability into a plank of wood on the ground.”

Click HERE to read the full article and check back for more installments in this series.