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Breast Cancer and Biotechnology: Bigger Than Pink

November 4, 2011
By David Welch, President/Senior Producer at M2 MultiMedia

It had been five years since I produced Biotechnology: Knowledge Serving Life, a video that featured breast cancer patient Lori Lober and her then five year anniversary of being cancer free.  Diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2000 Lori had been admitted to an advanced clinical trial for a promising new biologic. Today, Lori credits her treatment for helping to save her life.

During the month-long celebration of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” I thought it was time to check in with her, get updated on her life, and ask her what she thought about the importance of continued research and funding for biotechnology.

The result is an uplifting video, “Breast Cancer and Biotechnology:  Bigger than Pink,” that features Lori Lober, now a 10-year cancer survivor.  She is healthy, full of life, and devoted to encouraging other patients to also lead full lives.  No wonder her close friends call her an “ambassador for hope.”

We chose the title because we wanted to make a point:  The world’s best hope for turning breast cancer – and other forms of cancer – into a chronic manageable disease lies within biotechnology. We chose the subtitle (Bigger than Pink) because that was the name of Lori Lober’s first book.  Oh, did I say book?  Try three books since we last saw her!

We asked her why she turned to writing books about surviving breast cancer.  She told us she wanted to write the books because no such books were available for her when she was diagnosed.  “This was a huge disappointment to me,” she said. One of the people in this newly released video is actually a breast cancer patient who read one of Lori’s books and contacted her directly.

Like her life and her books, this video is Lori Lober at her best: positive, hopeful and happy.  And cancer free. “If it weren’t for biotechnology I doubt I would be sitting here today,” she says.  What does Lori think about her second appearance in a BIO-sponsored video?  “I just hope they keep coming back every five years to check on my progress,” she commented.  “I plan to be here.”

David Welch is President/Senior Producer at M2 MultiMedia, a science oriented video production company in Rockville, MD.  His email is