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Broadcasting live from the 2011 BIO International Convention exhibition floor

June 27, 2011
If you find yourself meandering through the Canadian Pavillion on the 2011 BIO International Convention exhibition floor, keep your eyes peeled for the man with the funny looking microphone sitting behind a bright red laptop. Stop to chat with Mike Spear, from Genome Alberta, and you might end up streaming live on BIORadio.

During the convention, Mike is live streaming a radio show available on the Genome Alberta homepage. When the Canadian Pavilion opens, he will broadcast the speeches from all the Canadian premieres and he has scheduled an interview with Dr. Augustus White, the first African American graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

“After that,” Mike says, “I plan on talking to anyone who comes through who looks like they may have a story to tell.”

You can catch the show on your laptop or your cell phone (BlackBerry or iPhone). Or, you can stop by the Candian Café in the Canandian Pavilion (Aisle 37 booth 3704) and tell Mike your story.