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Building A Better Bean Story

November 7, 2016
Soybeans have gone through a biotechnological revolution. Through intensive studies and research programs, scientists have pioneered new ways for the soybean to enhance our food production systems.

Dr. Thomas Clemente, Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor in Biotechnology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has written a guest post at the GMO Answers site highlighting the many benefits of soy. One of the new applications for soybeans is in fish food in aquaculture.  Clemente writes:
Fish consumption is predicted to have strong growth globally. This expected future demand for fish products will put additional strains on the wild fisheries.

To meet this expected market demand for fish products, the capacity for farm-raised fish will need to be established. Currently the aquaculture industry sources its protein and oil for aquafeed almost exclusively from wild caught fisheries.

Over the past decade, technologies have been developed that offer a route to displace fishmeal (protein) and fish oil ingredients of aquafeed, with soybean and other agriculture-based sources.

Whether prepared as food for consumers, feed for animals, or aquafeed for fish, soybeans are a key part of the food chain.  Please read Dr. Clemente’s article at the GMO Answers page to find out more about this breakthrough in soybean research that helps promote the sustainability of global fish stocks